(i)     Allotment of accommodation in the Guest House shall not confer on the allottees any right of tenancy of the premises and the University shall have the right to get the rooms vacated at any time without giving any notice or assigning any reason. 

(ii)   All guests, after checking in, are bound to follow the rules and regulations of the guest house.  Make entries in the guest house register in the prescribed form upon entry & exit. 

(iii)  Pets are not allowed in the Guest House. 

(iv)  Cooking/Washing is not allowed in the rooms. 

(v)   No changing of rooms or transfer of rooms is allowed without the permission of the concerned officer. 

(vi)  Gambling, Smoking and liquor Consumption in any form or unlawful behavior is strictly prohibited inside the rooms and elsewhere inside the Campus. 

(vii)  All electrical appliances like fan, light, air-conditioners, geyser etc. should be switched off before leaving the room and used judiciously during occupancy of rooms. 

(viii) Please do not take away the Inventory items of the guest house Otherwise, the charge will be added into your bill. 

(ix)  Damaging of property or defacing any notice/poster/walls etc. of the Guest House is illegal and will invite penalty under rules. 

(x)  Please do not pay tips to the staff. 

(xi) We do not accept credit/debit cards. Payment is accepted only in cash or cheque in case payment is to be made by any Department or any other Govt. organization.


In case of violation of the rules & regulations or any misconduct or deem to cause inconvenience or discomfort to others, the Management reserves the right to ask the guest to vacate the room at short notice/immediately.